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goodMix Foods
goodMix Foods

Here's what past customers have to say:

I am obsessed with this product!
As a teacher and fitness instructor, proper nutrition for my brain and body is very important to me. I avoid dairy, sugar, and flour because it makes my mind cloudy and my body slow. I love the taste of granola, but I don't eat it because of the sugar content. I turn over every bag of granola on the shelf hoping that there is a bag without the added BS...nope!
But then...there it was...under a tent marked with a big cartoon poop...there was the answer to my missing granola...Blend 11!!! All the deliciousness without the BS!!
I soak it in my coconut yogurt over night, then add berries right before I eat it. It is so tasty and filling!! And it just makes me feel good, mind and body!!!

Victoria M

The first time I used this Low FODMAP high-fiber cereal, I simply poured 1/4 cup in a bowl and added milk, yogurt and some fresh fruit. While it was okay, it felt like I chewed and chewed and chewed! I then read the package and decided to try soaking the cereal overnight in milk. Because of my schedule, it stayed in the fridge for three days before I ate it. The seeds had really puffed up and seemed to have a texture like sprouted seeds! I loved it! It was so easy to chew thoroughly and was extremely filling. This is the only way that I will eat it in the future. Also, this makes a very speedy, healthy, satisfying meal!

J. M. Austin

I'm so happy Blend11 is available in the US!! Fell in love with this when I was in Australia, so much so that I reached out to them to see if I could help bring it to the States. Luckily the wheels were already in motion and voila now it's on Amazon Prime. Give it a go. You will wonder what you did without it. Some of my favorite ways to enjoy are (pre-soaked of course to increase bioavailability), a few scoops on yogurt (if you're lucky get your hands on some coconut COYO at Mother's), in a smoothie or tossed in a fruit salad. I really do feel better when I start my day with the good stuff in Blend 11. I even take it on the go with me when traveling. Keep your eyes out for the paleo brother "Neoblend" with a bit more nutty and tropical flare.


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