Meet the Mixers


Meet Andrew

Andrew provided the inspiration to bring goodMix to the USA and has built the foundation that is now producing this unique Australian-born product in Vermont.

From a childhood working with livestock and being home-schooled with his siblings in outback Australia, Andrew learned various trades and traveled the world. A natural risk- taker, he’s changed professions several times - always in pursuit of adventure and with an eye on future trends. He’s been a cattle wrangler, a carpenter, and an underground miner, but spent most of his professional career as an aviator, a licensed helicopter pilot, worked on offshore oil rigs off the Scottish coast, and elsewhere piloted helicopters to fight forest fires, provide flood relief, conduct wildlife surveys, and explore for minerals. He even spent five years working with saltwater crocodiles in some of Australia’s most treacherous swamps - a tale he’s lived to tell!  

Andrew has worked in 10 countries - from West Africa, Vietnam and Singapore - to Canada’s Yukon Territory. Ultimately traveling to more than 40 countries, he’s experienced many cultures and has a unique view as to how access and attitudes to food and nutrition can vary considerably from country to country, culture to culture.

GoodMix is a true family business. Andrew’s sister Jeanie McClymont - who worked in pharmacies and health food stores in Australia as a specialist in natural healing - developed the product and launched the business in Australia.

When the chance to live and work in the United States became available, Andrew’s entrepreneurial instincts told him this would be a great opportunity to bring goodMix to the United States. From its base in Vermont, the company is growing throughout New England and the US and is available online. Having seen the many Australian customers who love the product and having witnessed the incredible benefits it continues to bring to customers facing digestive challenges, Andrew and the team are thrilled to share the good qualities of goodMix!

Enjoy your goodMix!