The Journey

Try this, it's a "goodMix".These were the words that customers at the Gold Coast health food store, where Jeanie McClymont worked, would hear when they asked for a breakfast mix.  Soon the mix was selling well and Jeanies' partner, personal trainer and muay thai fighter Brad Hull, had encouraged her to set up a stall at the local farmers market. After 3 years of 3 a.m. weekend starts to get to early morning markets and never-ending late nights mixing and bagging ingredients for the next market, goodMix has evolved, under the guidance of general manager Jonathan, into a respected name in the competitive Australian health food industry.

Family and friends naturally eat goodMix every day now, as Jeanies' brother Andrew did when his girlfriend Rania was offered a university scholarship in Vermont. This was a great opportunity not to be missed. As Rania was packing for the USA Andrew was thinking...what could he do in Vermont.

As goodMix was beginning to flourish in Australia, a seed of thought germinated in Andrews' imagination. With the idea growing on a daily basis, he thought it was worth taking a risk. He resigned from his career as a helicopter pilot and launched into goodMix, not without some apprehension but armed with the knowledge that if Australians loved it so much, then Americans might like it as well.

After months of market research and working under the strict guidance of the team in Australia, 'Blend 11', the original "goodMix" is now available at select farmers markets in Vermont, as well as online.  Enjoy, there's more than just kangaroos to think about now when you hear of Australia.

Born in Australia - now made in Vermont