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Acai Chia Pudding Parfait

ACAI CHIA PUDDING PARFAIT Posted on June 20, 2016 by Malou A parfait that has a delicious blend of gooey, crunchy & FRUITY goodness in a jar! Ingredients – 2 tsp blend11– 2 tsp Chia Seeds– 1/2C Almond Milk– 1 tsp Acai Powder– 1/3C Natural Greek Yoghurt– 1/2C Granola– Fruit of choice   Method 1) Night Before! In a small bowl, mix the blend11, Chia Seeds, Acai Powder & Almond Milk in a bowl.  Leave in fridge overnight to set.2) Morning after! Grab small bowl out of fridge & stir up Chia Pudding mixture.3) Spoon pudding mixture into the bottom of a jar. Then layer with Natural Greek Yoghurt, Passionfruit (fruit of choice), Granola & more fruit! Even add some nuts (pecans, walnuts) & coconut for extra flavour...

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