Blend 11 Bliss Balls


400g activated goodMix blend11 (soak 2 cups of mix)*
240g almond meal (purchase almond meal or grind your own from raw almonds)
20g raw cacao powder
60g cacao butter shavings
½ tspn salt
2 tspns cinnamon
45g (2 Tblspns) Tahini
180g dates, blend into a paste (around 15 dates)
2 tspns vanilla extract

 50g Coconut for rolling balls in.



**Activate your Blend 11, preferably overnight, not too much water, just enough to moisten thoroughly.

Grind almonds into a meal consistency if you don't have almond meal.
Remove seeds from the dates and blend into a sticky ball.

Shave off cacao butter using a knife.

Mix thoroughly in a large bowl, if your mix becomes too wet just add a little more almond meal, if it's too dry add water to suit, roll into balls or press into a slice on a tray.

These balls/slice will keep for several days in the refrigerator, or you can freeze and thaw slightly prior to serving.

This mix will make around 20 x 50g balls.


Thanks to Kerry Eulenstein for this awesome Cacao Bliss Bombs recipe!!
Follow her website at
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